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Mythology and Religion

Today, while getting ready for school, my 10 years old son, Adam, asked me if I know details about the Greek mythology. I am not very familiar with the Greek mythology, but my son commented something about how incredible that people actually believed in those gods and goddesses.

I thought it is not that incredible, and commented with him – “Do you think that in a few thousands years a son will comment to his father, Isn’t that incredible that people actually believed in Jesus or Jehovah or any other god?”

My thought train continued for awhile after that short conversation.

Isn’t that incredible that religious people do not see, that their religion is not different from the Greek, Roman or Nordic Mythologies. Even the claim that current religions are monotheistic is ridiculous. Who is the one and only god? Jehovah, Allah, the father, the son, or maybe the Virgin Marie. What about the bad gods, Lucifer, Satan. What are angels and demons aren’t they kind of semi gods.

Unfortunately, I don’t think that in a few thousands years the situation will be different. Maybe a different Mythology, but basically the same old faith. It is too human and too inherent in our culture and maybe DNA that I can see how the world could escape this.

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